Subject : enjoy itself with cursors.
      During my researches for the creation of the site, I found
      of news way of animating the cursor. Of course, on the
      pages of the site it would have been boring, But because
      you are numerous to come to see them, I continue to add

    * We can begin with the small script which transforms the
       cursor into clock. (I had some difficulties to find the author).
      The clock :      The clock 

    * A small miracle of animation of the cursor to transform it 
       into snake/flag flying in the wind according to your taste,
       at least it is nice.                The Snake 

    * A small effect of gravity with six blue elasticated balls :
                           Blue Balls 

    * A variant in colors with completely crazy balls :
                                                    Crazy Balls 

    * The comet : the cursor leaves behind him a brilliant tail :
                            The Comet 

    * Magic Wand : A multicolored circle turns around the cursor :
                                                                 Magic Wand 
    * Magic Wand II : A variant :    Magic Wand 2 

    * Cursor spots : leash behind him of the spots of colour
       way bulges out in painting :                         Spots 

    * Cursor text : a small nice effect of presentation for a logo
       for example :              Text 

    * Kissing curseur : Ideal to say bye bye...       Kissing 

    * Dancing stars : Stars turn slowly around the cursor,
                            free...    Dancing 

    * Superball : A little weighing you go to see...

    *   Under water  the cursor witch makes bubbles....

    * Pretty : Small lights follow the cursor, so nice.
   animated cursorsNews :

    * Alien Attack :  Brilliant, flying saucers fire you above
them...    Alien  

    * Walker :  A small person follows the cursor and turns
       around...                               Walker  

    One more cursor in the "Humor" category, because he is
    really fun :        Pacman cursor 




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